Safety and Security

Prelude Public School has been equipped with video surveillance CCTV system to ensure safety and security for students. Prevent outsiders from entering the school`s premises. These CCTV cameras are used for monitoring areas that are remote from the control room or where the environmental conditions are not comfortable for people and are enough capable to capture the images in pitch dark conditions and broad light day.

School Safety Services:
Our security team has National and International experience:

  • "peace of mind" for school boards, principals, and their parents on school safety and crisis preparedness issues
  • students safety heroes with their parents, society and media on safety and preparedness issues
  • also provide specialized advice and support during highly emotional circumstances.

We accomplish this through our School Safety Services:
Safety from home to school and back:

  • tech buses with attendants.
  • drivers who have a good track record.
  • aid kit on each bus.
  • fighting measures incorporated
  • (+ - 15 mins) in arrival and departure from pick up point.